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Whenever someone scraps us on, orkut sends an email notification, but the email just contains the link to your scrapbook, and not the actually message so that u actually login to orkut and waste mb and time.

But this approach wastes your time and bandwidth and is a major reason why is blocked in most offices, schools and colleges in India ( Infosys for sure)


Now consider a IRRITATING situation where either you have email access but no internet access or orkut is blocked and you get a email saying that XYZ has left u a scrap..

To save you from such a situation we have RE-launched
the idea is not new but it is automated now for all

Scrap2Mail combines with free RSS feeds (last time it was ngcoders) and RSS to email service, and EMAILs you prefect scrap email notifications along with the scrap message and person's profile picture and profile link within 2 hours.

[Review by TechPawan]

It doesn't EVEN need your orkut username and password
And if your scrapbook is private, All you need to do is add OrkutFeeds Bot to your friends list.

Here's the link to the bot's profile:

But if you like RSS visit


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