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Exactly seven days ago Kashmir and Mumbai were shooked by blasts carried on terrorists . One week on its impact is being felt on internet

Govermant of India Department of Telecom (DoT) has not taken to blocking blogs all over net and restricting sites on free servers like cause these have instrumental in propargation on information related to blasts before and after blasts

My ISP has blocked and my blogpages on it too

No-one from my friends having sify
broadband , mtnl broadband , hathway broadband , tata indicom (VSNL) broadband and even spectranet were not able visit my blog

i last watched my blog last after noon

i have moved it to new servers after reading economic times today morning blocking occured somewhere last night on my ISP

if u need help moving your blog or something like that comment please

Why blocking happened?

DoT asked to block 17-18 blogsites of militants on blogspot and typepad also some sites at geocities but stupid ISPs have blocked entire following series


It is stupid of ISPs to do something as idiotic as tis

But bloggers are reacting same as traders did when sealing of shops occured in DELHI

How can i access blogspot?

u can access by visiting or

Suppose if u want to open

New URL will be


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