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Some times we have user accounts on our PC that we don't want to show up on Windows 7 Logon Screen. This tutorial deals with hiding a user account from showing on Windows 7 logon without using regedit or some other risky tweak.

This should work on Windows Vista also

1. Go to start and type cmd.exe
2. In the program pane right click on cmd.exe and choose run as administrator.
3. In command prompt that opens, check list of various user accounts on system by running the following command:
net user

4. Type the following command in the command prompt:
net user {username} /active:no
Replace {username} by user name found in step 3

5. You should see a message that the command completed successfully. Log out, and you won't see the {username} account as a choice.
6. To again show the account on windows 7 logon screen. Type the following command in the command prompt:
net user {username} /active:yes

For sharing photos with friends, personally I like Picasa more than Facebook. Thanks for better upload tool and better organise album features.

But I am forced to use facebook as most of my family and friends are on face

Here is how to bulk move photos from one album to another using Mozilla Firefox

  • Upload your pics to facebook using email upload facility
  1. To organise your album, open the album that you want to edit in firefox and click Edit Album.
  2. Next click on Edit Photos option
  3. In page that opens, hit Shift+F4 to open ScratchPad
  4. Copy Paste following code in Scratch Pad and hit Ctrl+R to run it

  • Replace 2 by index number of album that you want to select.
E.g.: 1 for first album in dropdown, 2 for second item in drop down and so on
  • Hit Save Changes button at bottom and voila, its done
Tip Courtesy: MentalRise

My two year old newphew has started going to prep-school from today. Even his uncle is no different, the only difference being he attends a B-School in Pune. :)

A lot has happened off late and most of it so quick that things changed dramatically. Anyways I will not be putting the flow of events here.

Continuing from where we left last time, today I would be talking about the changes that happened from College to Job things I learnt and mistakes I wont like to repeat.

Well writing such an article when all your classmates would be in library banging their heads into the Gyan Manuals, may seem more of an escapist's explanation of why he is not studying. But there is more to it. For last 3 years of my life one thing that I didn't had was "Time" or more specifically " My personal Time".

We live in an age when you are connected "24X7" your friends may be miles apart but they still "like" and "comment" about most minute day to day incidents of your life. Being someone who would fails to relate oneself to anything but ones present is a difficult job. People take you to be stupid, insenstitive, mean and manipulative. But what if you can't handle more than what you have on your plate or you are like me who loves his own space and wants others to enjoy a time-off on own when you are not required to be together for some meaningful purpose. Let me be clear about what I mean by so called 'meaningful' activity. It should not involve your work,study, job etc only it includes another critical element called recreation or maintaining and creating relationships.

Life has multiple angles and humans have interests. We have likings and dislikings. Once in a while we should completely submerge ourselves in our interests so that we connect to our inner self and get reenergised to fight our hectic lives.

As for me being amongst so many bright and hardworking people is tough but I will find a way....

I would like to end this article here, so much to please the writer in me.

And the topic I would like to blog about next time is " Its never too late "

Good Friday ... I am not feeling well today and weather in Delhi forces you to stay indoors to re charge your dead batteries.

I just realised it has been almost 5 years since me and Bhatia started this blog and soon others joined in. Five years change you a lot. A lot changed over last five years too.

If you notice the number of posts I had over last five years, I would give you an indication of life we have and life we lead in this busy busy corporate world.

When this blog was started around 5 years back, plan was to share what we know.
All of us being college students would post on a regular basis and then we passed out of college. Slowly and steadyily the new life took over us and this blog faced a dreath of posts. And now that I have finally decided to quit my job to satisfy my desire to learn , I guess I would have time to blog. Starting today, I will try to blog about things other than tech also and would like to start of with why and what kept me busy. It was not that only work kept me busy over last 3 years. I had great time meeting new people, learning new things, having crazy lifestyle, lazing around, working on personal goals, having new experiences but yes I was putting less time into introspection of what I was doing and where I was heading.

There was a moment when I felt that I had lost interest in most things I loved to do earlier. There was a time I was just too involved with my job and colleagues and work.. IT all in all was like The Matrix but yes life is beyond all these things. There is an intelluctual side of me ( yes it exists) that had been starving all this while. I decided to take control and fortunately have been bumping into some great people who kept guiding me.

The only saving grace were these nice people I met and ofcourse my last project during which I had sastisfaction of serving people of my country (and not some faceless organisation) in a way that directly touches their lives.

Things are not as hectic as they once used to be. Infact last 8-10 months are the most amazing time I am having since I started working. It was more of fun than work and primary reason for that can be the time spent with family and having a life (friend circle) outside office.

I have seen work-o-holics letting job pressure ruin great moments in life and strain themselves and others around them. I too being guilty of this sin, understand the prime difference lies in your approach on how you handle situatuions and take ownership.

Like someone rightly said "Have your own plan, otherwise you become part of someone else's plan"

Pasting a video that echos on same lines...

From now on, I will try to blog when I am free and let others gain from my experiences. There is a lot to talk about but for now I will sign off with below lines and expect some of friends take out time to contribute here more.

Yahoo messenger had been missing on my desktop for years now. During graduation days, it used to be the most essential software on the desktop but gradually Yahoo messenger started losing market share due to rise of social networking. Most of my contacts moved on to Google Talk and Facebook Chat. Google Talk gain popularity during the Orkut era and friends continue to use the service but they usually use Google Talk from Gmail.

After using microsoft outlook for almost three years now in office, I feel it convienient to use Gmail from a desktop Client and am forced either to miss out on the chat fun or to use one of these two services which run from right inside your browser and suffer from attention starvation in case you are busy in some other thing. Although GTalk has a desktop client, I would avoid using it as it does not have an invisible option and thanks to a very useful Gmail feature a lot of unwanted contacts are present in my GTalk list.

My search for a decent desktop messenger landed me back to Yahoo. I was little keen to install the beta version and finally installed it last week and I am impressed.

The best feature of the beta version is the intercompatibilty with Facebook Chat.
Yahoo Messenger 11 allows you to connect your Yahoo account to Facebook and Twitter account and check Facebook and Twitter feed from the Messenger itself. Your online FB contacts are shown as a separate group in Yahoo Messenger. It also allows you to place social games with your friends. You can also update Twitter, Pulse and Facebook status from messenger itself. And with new conversation history feature , it gives Gtalk a run for their money.

All you facebook chatters out there :
Download the new Yahoo! Messenger Beta at following Learn more about new features at Yahoo Messenger Blog

With this addition, Yahoo messenger can be used to chat with Facebook and Windows Live friends . I wish Gtalk and Yahoo start talking to each other soon.

Resolved: IE8 crashes when using Citrix Client for 32-bit Windows

I am working from home this month. But I had issues while using citrix client.
Internet Explore 8 would crash when using Citrix Client.

I was actually delaying IE upgrade to avoid problems in connecting to my office vpn, so today I decided to install IE9 after setting up system restore points.

and my problem is resolved :)

Guess the issue is with ie8 only.

PS: IE9 is faster than IE8

Whether you use Firefox or Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, in last two weeks a new version of your web browser woul have been out.

It started with Chrome, then IE9 got released last week and Firefox 4 got officially released today. Even Microsoft has started pushing IE9 over Windows Update today.

Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 have been reviewed to be way above their previous versions.

So have you upgraded your web browser yet???

IE6 was released 10 years ago. The web has changed a lot since then. That is why Microsoft has started ie6 coundown -
a website to track downfall in usage of IE6 from 12% in Feb 2011 till the time it goes under 1 % worldwide. There have been movements to kill IE6 like the but this time Microsoft itself is doing it. Ofcourse no company wants to celebrate the death of their own product but Microsoft has reasons to do so. IE 6 is an old browser that lacks features and not only a security threat to users but also a pain for web developers as it demands their effort to support their website on IE6. I remember me and my colleagues having a tought time with look and feel in IE6 while developing a portal for Telstra in Bangalore during 2008.

From user prespective, most IE6 users are those who had it preloaded with their OS ( Windows XP in this case). Such users who dont even know how to upgrade their browsers and are using such an out-dated browser run into high risk of being attacked by hackers exploring IE6 security vulnerabilities. Ofcourse some of the IE6 users, who I know(reaad my cousins/uncles/aunts) , have switched to Firefox (which releases firefox 4 soon) or Google Chrome, the browser that advertises in Indian newspapers and even has an hoarding on the dwarka gurgaon road, solely because Gmail and Orkut show some warning to IE6 users and Facebook Chat does not work on IE6. But still the stale IE 6 remains on their machines which is used for accessing some desi sites that run only on IE (eg: ).

Lets try to educate others and wipe out ( read upgrade ; remember desi sites) IE6 from computers of such people close to us because even such naive netizens would agree no one drinks milk that is more than 9 years old :) of course the guys in IT Dept of my company would differ on that :(