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My two year old newphew has started going to prep-school from today. Even his uncle is no different, the only difference being he attends a B-School in Pune. :)

A lot has happened off late and most of it so quick that things changed dramatically. Anyways I will not be putting the flow of events here.

Continuing from where we left last time, today I would be talking about the changes that happened from College to Job things I learnt and mistakes I wont like to repeat.

Well writing such an article when all your classmates would be in library banging their heads into the Gyan Manuals, may seem more of an escapist's explanation of why he is not studying. But there is more to it. For last 3 years of my life one thing that I didn't had was "Time" or more specifically " My personal Time".

We live in an age when you are connected "24X7" your friends may be miles apart but they still "like" and "comment" about most minute day to day incidents of your life. Being someone who would fails to relate oneself to anything but ones present is a difficult job. People take you to be stupid, insenstitive, mean and manipulative. But what if you can't handle more than what you have on your plate or you are like me who loves his own space and wants others to enjoy a time-off on own when you are not required to be together for some meaningful purpose. Let me be clear about what I mean by so called 'meaningful' activity. It should not involve your work,study, job etc only it includes another critical element called recreation or maintaining and creating relationships.

Life has multiple angles and humans have interests. We have likings and dislikings. Once in a while we should completely submerge ourselves in our interests so that we connect to our inner self and get reenergised to fight our hectic lives.

As for me being amongst so many bright and hardworking people is tough but I will find a way....

I would like to end this article here, so much to please the writer in me.

And the topic I would like to blog about next time is " Its never too late "


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