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Hello Readers

It gives me immense pleasure to tell u that despite my blog being down for various up-gradations, changes in management and ofcourse the super unplanned move by me to start a new blog all together on blogger beta platform my blog has been INCLUDED and Ranked as 20th Indian Tech Blog by Microsoft INDIA

Like Mr. Reddy (who was in top 5 unlike me)

I was not informed about the result of contest and I was just wondering about the increasing traffic from to my blog and found out that it was because of my blog mentioned on above link :).

It is an achievement of sorts for me and coolest gift on Children's Day for
a teen in his last 50 days of teenage
gosh AUM

Only thing that remains now is that i will now get chance to join the Top 20 Blogstars will form the first Microsoft Blogging Cell. This was promised by Microsoft lets see when i get that INVITE in my mailbox

This has motivated me and now i m already hunting for some new content for my blog readers which unfortunately has to wait until my exams are over and thus till 2007 u guys will have to survive on lesser updates

Thanks to Microsoft and all the people who have been reading this blog and NOT giving me your valuable comments.

Anyways NOBODY apparently READS this BLOG atleast nobody Commented they DID

Note this blog has also been added to The Blog Directory by VIJAY

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  1. Anonymous said...
    if this is true,,, u rocks buddy


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