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For sharing photos with friends, personally I like Picasa more than Facebook. Thanks for better upload tool and better organise album features.

But I am forced to use facebook as most of my family and friends are on face

Here is how to bulk move photos from one album to another using Mozilla Firefox

  • Upload your pics to facebook using email upload facility
  1. To organise your album, open the album that you want to edit in firefox and click Edit Album.
  2. Next click on Edit Photos option
  3. In page that opens, hit Shift+F4 to open ScratchPad
  4. Copy Paste following code in Scratch Pad and hit Ctrl+R to run it

  • Replace 2 by index number of album that you want to select.
E.g.: 1 for first album in dropdown, 2 for second item in drop down and so on
  • Hit Save Changes button at bottom and voila, its done
Tip Courtesy: MentalRise


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