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Yahoo Messenger 8 was released recently it allows yahoo users to chat and send IMs Instant message to Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger

Let me quote from official yahoo site only

Yahoo! & Microsoft have joined forces

It's a great day for the world of instant messaging. Working hand-in-hand with our friends at Windows Live™ (MSN), we've connected our IM communities, making it even easier for you to stay in touch.

From the new Yahoo! Messenger India, you can see when your Windows Live™ (MSN) Messenger contacts are online and send them instant messages. Keep all your friends in one place and IM with them anytime, right from Yahoo! Messenger India. How cool is that?

Download Links

Size <10 MB

Download Yahoo Messenger India Version

Download Yahoo Messenger US Version

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Q) I want to get started how to go about it?

Well u need any one one of following software:
Msn users download
Windows Live Messenger 8 to chat with yahoo pals using MSN Messenger
Yahoo users download Yahoo! Messenger 8 to chat with MSN pals using Yahoo! Messenger

Your friends should also have atleast yahoo 8 or msn 8 to start chatting with msn users on yahoo or yahoo users on msn

Yahoo users when sending messages to MSN users select LCS Network
LCS stands for Live Communications Server next generation windows messanging server

How to add yahoo contact to Windows Live Messenger?

To add a Yahoo! contact in Windows Live Messenger, (after you've signed up for the beta)just click on the add a contact button. Then type their Yahoo! ID + (example: Your Yahoo! friend will get an invitation, and once they accept you are ready to chat, see when they’re online, nudge them, send emoticons, send offline IMs, and share your witty personal status messages.

How to add MSN contact using Windows Live Messenger to my yahoo Buddy list?
  1. Sign in to Yahoo 8
  2. Select Contacts-> Add a Contact (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A)
  3. Enter MSN ID (or hotmail/ email address) Select Netowrk as LCS
  4. Your Friend will get invite

PLZ note both people should have atleast Yahoo Messenger 8 and Msn Live Messenger 8 to chat inter-networks


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