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Yahoo Security Key...

Make your Yahoo! Account more secure and un-hack-able with Yahoo Security Key which will add an extra layer of protection to keep your Yahoo E-Mail Account and Screen Name safe from hackers and crackers.

What is a Yahoo! Security Key?

A Yahoo! Security Key is a personal access code (like the PIN you use at the ATM) designed to protect your most sensitive information displayed on Yahoo!.

First..go to this link:

At the upper left hand corner of this page please note the area.."forgot security key" here

Now you are presented with a log in page...log in with your Yahoo ID you want to obtain a security key for. will be ask once again to verify your so.

You are now presented with a page noting the header:

Yahoo Security Key Sign Up

Choose A Security Key

Now..enter the security key you have chosen and verify it....[ not use your regular password as your security key ]

Now you are ask to select a secret question....then to supply an answer to the secret question
Please..use this example for security questions and answers:
Security Question..Favorite City
Security Question Answer:I like cheeto's..[ no one is going to guess this type of security question answer ]

Note your default e-mail address...[use a real e-mail address other than Yahoo]
Note your zip code and country..[it does not need to be your real zip code and may be differant than the one you have noted on your Yahoo account ].

Now..print out this page for future reference.

Now simply click the submit button.


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