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Get Vista Beta DVd 2

I know one of my pal Anish knows 3985.675 things that no one else knows but This post is dedicated to him so that he may get to know 8+1 = 9 Things that u must know about windows vista so that u can win a contest by Microsoft and get Windows Vista Beta2 DVD FREE

  1. The new operating system being launched by Microsoft in 2006 is called VISTA
  2. Windows Vista brings CLARITY to your world
  3. Windows Vista will be available first to businesses in November 2006
  4. Its True that Windows Vista Enterprise edition cannot be bought as an OEM license, it can be acquired only through Software Assurance.
  5. The glass effect in Windows Vista is called Aero
  6. Windows Sidebar boosts your personal productivity by providing instant access to gadgets, providing a wide variety of engaging, easy-to-use, and customizable mini-applications and provide easy access to frequently used tools.(ALL of ABOVE)
  7. The scenarios for businesses through which Windows Vista brings value are
    Find and Use Information, Enabled Virtual Workforce and Infrastructure Optimization. (ALL of ABOVE)
  8. The minimum RAM requirements for a Windows Vista machine is 512 MB
  9. You can get a free Windows Vista Beta 2 DVD couried to you in India if u take a quiz on site known as Microsoft Future Assured Quiz it will be a cake walf if have read above 8 points

Please note:
You need to answer all questions.

Post completion of the quiz, you’ll be redirected to the registration page. Please fill-in all the requested information to enable smooth dispatch of CD.

You must wait till u see this message in order to get DVD

"Thank you for taking part in the Microsoft Future Assured Quiz.
Your copy of Windows Vista Beta 2 CD will be dispatched shortly."

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