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The below article is something most of us know

I have told it to friends time and again and each time someone new joins my network they ask u same question "how u know i m online ?"

so i thought lets blog it this time baby

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Ever wondered why your photo is first pic (or rarely second) on the Profile FriendList BOX of your Friend when u visit his/her profile??

Why exactly your community always shows u in their member on comunity main page when u visit the comm ?

The friends in your My Friends List are arranged in order of their last login onto orkutNetwork

It means person who is left most is the one who logged in last among ur friends.....
Thus making it more possible that he or she is online????

Same trick applies to someone else's His/her Friends List and also to Mutual Friends List and community member listing box too

So from screenshot below i know bipin paul may be online as he logged on o orkut last so let me scrap him first article may go to hell


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