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is there any thing like anti video piracy in india

one of the best movies this year lageraho munna bhai is available freely on google video to watch and download as avi or mp4 format (for ipod too)

earlier this year google video was legally warned by yashraj films when their that time newly released neal n nikki was available on google video

at that time google removed that video

my personal view is nobody was watchin neal n nikki online and that was major cause of this action

Stupid film it was nal n nikki never watched it

So what will Rajkumar hirani and team do this time?

Maybe Gandhigiri ?????

In words of munna " na shor machayega na tujko bataayega sirf tere ko ECARD bhejega GET WELL SOON KA"

For those who havent catch this flick already u can view it online Courtesy Google Video


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