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Article from Times of India Must Read

I had heard of spurned lovers hitting back at girls through the net but I never thought I would be at the receiving end.

Like all my friends, I have my profile on the networking site Orkut. It was on this site that I met a couple, who told me that "they were new to the city". I started chatting with both of them.

Later, we also started meeting very often, socially. Everything seemed absolutely normal till one day, I got a call from the wife.

She told me that her husband was in love with me and he was the one who made her keep in touch with me.

I was flabbergasted and immediately severed all contact. But things had already become ugly. Sometime later, I came to know that a person with whom I used to chat was this same man, who had made a fake profile of himself. I stopped chatting with him too.

But I soon learnt that he wouldn't take this quietly. He made an obscene profile of mine, with indecent scraps and a morphed picture and posted it to all my friends. I was completely shattered. That's when I decided to lodge a complaint and take legal action against him.

But, before I could download proof in the form of printouts, my fake profile was deleted.

After being through this hellish experience, I suggest that people should never post their pictures on these online communities or give out personal details as they can easily be misused.

Cyber crime is on a high and with each passing day, we come across plenty of such cases that send jitters down the spine. And the way things are going, you could be the next victim.

Source: Times of India


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