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Google Talk
is now the official ORKUT messenger. How???

As per its
chat integration plans, Google Talk is now open to all Google Account USERs , earlier only GMAIL users could access the same. [Source: GTalk Blog]

Since to sign into ORKUT u need to use a GOOGLE Account (no need for any invite) same account can be used to chat by using Google Talk ( aka official ORKUT Messenger)

But for first time you must
enabled your / Google Account for Google Talk, sign up here.

However if u feel this is too much for u, u can always use Orkut Scrap Chat which u can use in college and uses your ORKUT scrapbook.

So use 'ORKUT Talk' and now enjoy even chatting on orkut, even before Google officially links Google Talk to be used directly from inside

Download Google Talk

Google Talk has also added offline messages feature.

Offline messages will be displayed as unread messages in their inbox or will be delievered next time u login to GoogleTalk network.My fav features is
Folder Sharing (ya whole folder at once) along with File and Photo Sharing

Tell Google Talk New features u want them to add here
Tell ORKUT New features u want them to add here


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