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I HAVE left orkut deleted my account


  1. ORKUT is a time waste
  2. ORKUT :- it allowed my old pals to reach me from orkut which has led to inflow of calls/IMs/SMSes thereby increasing my mobile bill (i use MTNL postpaid JEEVAN SAATHI) to over $1 per month this limit is the threshold for a miser like me
  3. ORKUT :- i could not even lie to my college gang abt how gr8 my sckool days were
  4. ORKUT :- realising i wasted 12 years of my life doing schooling
  5. ORKUT :- i read scrapbooks of pals realising most of them FLIRTING with absolutely any one from their childhood friend to even someone who is in "i love maggi" community
  6. ORKUT :- nobody cares for me no one except people who want some favor from me
  7. ORKUT :- cause i couldn't find the DUDE who called me BIG bro there
  8. ORKUT :- i once lied to a college pal that i liked a particular GAL in skool days (girl may/may not be from skool) she scrapped me within 48 hours i spoke that lie and that scrap was read by my pal too. He thinks i have a GURL FRIEND but i have a PC only
  9. ORKUT:- i m online more than others so quick response is very less
  10. Orkut has made internet slow in college
  11. people close to you are playing the hypocrite behind your back
  12. amit k ORKUTs so do i HE is ALL CLEAR i m NOT
  13. ORKUT :- list is endless

read this ARTICLE ORKUT 'o' PHOBIA i m saying this cause this article was too good and was EVERYTHING ( each word) i had to write in reply to i m getting from buddies on why i left ORKUT


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