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Win32/Jeefo.A (also known as Hidrag.a ) is a non dangerous virus which corrupts all exe files in your PC on all resident Drives

W32/Jeefo-A infects Windows PE executables with an extension of EXE and a filesize greater than 102,399 bytes, in all folders of all fixed drives C: to Z:.

The virus runs continuously in the background, infecting files at periodic intervals.

When an infected file is run, the virus dropper is extracted to the Windows folder as SVCHOST.EXE and the virus disinfects the host executable, although not all infected files will be successfully returned to their original state. []

I myself have been infected by this Virus in AUGUST 2005.[courtesy:MODI]

Though there is no real danger but anti-virus software when detects this virus go crazy as number of viruses exceed 20k at times and some antivirus such as norton FAIL completely

Now all my friends who ever get infected by this virus note that 100% recovery is possible from this VIRUS without any loss by using this HIDRAG.A removal TOOL
( though i had formatted but modi's PC was 100% recovered with 0% data loss)
[Source: SOPHOS Virus disinfection]

Please note this virus may make your Hardware DRIVERS go corrupt and hence show you the Blue Screen of Death (like in my case)

Plz note win xp/me users should disable system restore from my computer properties before running this tool

and run this tool if possible from a floppy in a read only mode
bye the way this is a .com file and not .exe so it wont get affected and corrupt by HIDRAG / Jeefo


This post was made for ashutosh (->my dost) whose PC is affected by Jeefo VIRUS

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