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Our least preferred site has added two more new features..

1.Community Polls
Now orkut users can create and post polls in a community. A poll once created can only be deleted and not edited and also owners or moderators can delete the polls.

2.Topic Search
This will search various topics in different communities...

The next thing may be Scrap Search.

So, the list of ways to waste/pass time is endless, its upto us, How we waste it..............


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hey guys, believe it or not, someone DOES read ur blog :)

    I'm in a coll frm IP univ as well, 3rd yr, IT.

    Could u plz upload the B.P.Lathi book again? The link's not working
    Bhatia said...
    we never upload a book, we always search for links on the web and if we find them, we copy the link on our site....thanks for ur comment soon as we find the link we will update it.......

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