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After Google's launch of web based search on mobile through SMS, its Yahoo's turn now. These services aim to use their search capabilities and user-generated content listings on the Internet to help users search for restaurants, movie halls etc. The great advantage of this service is that a user doesn't need a G.P.R.S enabled phone, so this can target every mobile user.

With Google SMS service, users can get business listings, movie show timings etc. by sending a text message to the shortcode 54664 [5GOOG] from their mobile phones. For a demo click here.

For Yahoo the short code is 58242. For example, send an SMS to 58242 with the city name,Delhi, it will return the weather or send an SMS to 58242 with a business category and location (eg Hotels Bangalore), it will return the information of hotels in Bangalore.
For each search query, up to 3 business listings would be prov
ided, with the ability to ask for more by sending an 'm'.

Local business listings are currently available across four big metros Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore.
Yahoo is currently showing a comparison of YAHOO & GOOGLE's web results on mobile. To view the pdf file click here. (1.58 mb)


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