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When some one writes u a scrapbook entry u get a USELESS email ALERT from orkut which only alerts there is a new scrap what the person has written is unknown to us and to know that we have to login to orkut which might be blocked at college/office/school/hostel or in your country

I earlier described an idea which used feeds by but now this service is no longer online but dont worry a similar service has been launched by DevilsWorkshop know as

If your orkut scrapbook is Private to friends only plz add this profile as friend details here

The idea once again :
We guys read email from mobile and email is allowed in most offices even where orkut is blocked so i have created

this page to email u content of ur scraps which will email ur latest scraps every 2 hours using and


And if u are damn orkut addict or do not have GPRS on ur cell u can get sms scraps upto 150 charcters from ur scrapbook as SMS using our favorite

  • SMS REG to 09845398453 or 575758
  • Login to my today using information they sms u
  • Now go to SMS folder and navigate to add feed option
  • decide the orkut page you want to subscribe to eg: scrapbook, community or particular topic

  • In URL field, paste the URL

followed by
which you have copied from orkut subscription page, check Send SMS,(and Send Email if u want) click Create.

Note: You will not get the scraps immediately as your scrapbook updates, the feed will be updated very soon and you will get email soon but the sms will be sent at some regular time in a day usually at night.

THANx: PAWAN via OrkutFeeds

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  1. TechPavan said...
    Varun, your work of integrating two services on a single page is appreciated....

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