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Google SMS

"Take the power of Google search with you, through Google SMS search on your phone."

Google seems to understand the fact in a country like where majority people are still not comfortable with using GPRS or due to policies of some service providers(like MTNL etc.) they can't, so google is news again for its SMS search service.

The major factor that we are promoting this is that by using this one won't be paying Rs. 3/- the cost is just standard SMS.

All you have to do is SMS "help" to 9-77-33-00000 or simply save this number and write any query to it.

For cricket scores, stock quotes, movie times, horoscopes, railway timings (and ticket status), and much more, simply SMS your query to 9-77-33-00000.

Examples: "cri", "stock reliance", "golmaal returns delhi", "aries", "trains delhi to mumbai", "pnr 1234567890", "pizza koromangala", "weather chennai", "GDP of india".

For more details visit this and on mobile this.


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