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Throne Or Blackberry!!!

The US Presidential Records Act states that the US citizens can view soon-to-be-President’s correspondence, although there are restrictions to this.So this would mean that everything included in emails written by Obama would then be up for public scrutiny inspite of the fact his mails are very clean and properly written.

Barack Obama is a BlackBerry user and loves to send emails to his friends and colleagues from it. He also reads speeches and reports on it. He may, however, have to sign off his digital assistant due to concerns about email security. And it would be better if he just doesn’t send them. Indeed, Clinton and Dubya both gave up email when they took up the top job. But Obama’s thought to be the first US prez with a BlackBerry addiction.

Also he would be the first to use a notebook at his Oval Office. A solution if he is allowed to have only inbound mails.


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