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Here are some of the new developments with our own tech guru GOOGLE.....

Google will release a new enhancement with gmail which enables it's users to be more productive by maintaining what is known as user's to-do list which is a box shows up on top of the Gmail window.In it, users can add, reorder, and delete tasks. It's also possible to assign a due date to each action and even convert e-mails into tasks.

The Company will introduce a web based email service which enables users to send text messages to people's mobile phones.Currently the feature is only available in the united states.

In another big move the search giant took its chrome web browser out of beta this week and is soon going to launch it's first version of chrome 1.0

Also as we are aware of google maps,google has added several new geographic locations and designs to this venture which makes it possible to reach even the unpopular places..


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