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Here's for all those guys and girls planning to buy a new laptop

Apparently Lenovo is planning to unveil a ThinkPad notebook with a dual display in a about a month's time,though this is a news yet to be released but here are some of the features that are planning to be included in this unique new laptop

As the name suggests it's a laptop with dual screens,the main screen is 17 inches and the secondary screen is 10.6 inches.

The dual-screen setup is basically designed for photographers, graphic artists, and application developers.

It offers either an Intel Core 2 Quad Core or a Core 2 Dual Core, and it can be configured with a solid-state drive.

One drawback to this laptop can be the increase in weight due to the weight of the other screen but the features overshadow the drawbacks and is a good buying option with additional features like the face recognition tool.

The lappy will be released in a month's time in las vegas at the consumer electronics show.


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