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The fight for best browser just reached a new level with new versions on top two most popular browsers being released in last one week

There is enough information on internet and i dont wanna comment any further u people just scroll down to get download the latest versions of both softwares

Internet Explorer 7

IE7 Final is out

Download it Here

Also get IE7 Optimized for Yahoo! , with:
  • 2 home pages: Yahoo! & Yahoo! News
  • Yahoo! Search as your default
  • Yahoo! Toolbar
Download Yahoo Optimised IE7 here

Here are the download links for Firefox 2.0:

Get Firefox 2 Setup from this page
[Windows (5.6 MB) Mac and Linux versions]

New features in Firefox 2.0 [vs Firefox 1.5]

Look at this article which tells about Firefox 3 (and Firefox 4 too).


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