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Ever since starting of this semester i have been answering lot of people the very
same question time and again

Which BroadBand should i go for???
Well i maintain a very clear answer on this
( with which most un members agree and themself use)

  1. AirTel is best
  2. MTNL is next only if AirTel BroadBand is not present in your area
  3. Rest all r good but their uptime may be less these two have nearly 100%
  • My DAD pays for my broad band so i have 699 AirTel Unlimited 24 hours plan
  • If u r a student and spend day at college go for AirTel BroadBand with 99 rs top up which gives u unlimited at night from 2100 hrs day time plan can be 250 or 444
I consider UNLIMITED plans as true broadband cause if it is not unlimited it serves no real purpose as u feel straight jacket and UP-Time should be atleast 99%

If AirTel is not available in your area right now go for MTNL BroadBand Right now as they r offering free installation till 15 november under Diwali Season Discounts

Also MTNL has Launched IP TV in Delhi today and yes till 15 november activation charge on Garuda (Rs 300) & Dolphin post-paid GSM (Rs 500) booked at Sanchar Haat is waived too


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