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Just a week after he was declared as 20th most VELLA ( free) Indian Netizen online by Microsoft, your blogger pal VarunT has been kidnapped by Martians and hence regular programming of this blog will suffer till XMAS cause VarunT will be busy wid eXAMS till then

Wen u urself r not gud enough,its easy to blame d resources around u .......

this varun bhatia said 2 me on context of NO GFs in lives of UN (United eNgineers)
i replied ATLEAST i have a blog on which i waste pass my time
now even blog is gone

Guys this blog is in hands of VARUN BHATIA n Balaji over next 4 weeks

Within next 24 hours AirTel guys will disconnect my BroadBand
I will b back next month after Xams over on XMAS eve

Wen i'll return i hope

ATLEAST i will have a blog wid more regular readers

and Remember social networking and Anonymous Chatting are worst things you can do in your life so AVOID them better join National Literacy Mission


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