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did u recieved any thing like this

This worm first appeared on October 24, 2006 and is spreading like anything in Indian subcontinent.

  • It targets users of Yahoo Instant Messenger/ MSN / Aim variants exist too.
  • Users can protect themselves by not clicking on links sent to them by other users.
  • If your computer is infected with this powerful Trojan /virus, it sends the url to all of your friend list in yahoo messenger using your ID

For Removal Read Following links
  1. SOHANAD.I Trend Micro Germany
  2. TrendMicro Site Europe info on SOHANAD.I
  3. Removal of Yahoo Messenger Worm
  4. For Manual Removal of Yahoo Messenger Virus Attack
  5. nsl-schoolorg-virus Removal
  6. Information on Sohanadi Virus

Here is confession of an VICTIM

i clicked on some of the offline msgs i got through a frnds id
well i opened it n now everything in msngr is just BLAH!!!
my status get invisible n available automatically after every 10 sec
these annoying msgs spreads all over my frnds list(again as oflline msgs)
n even durin normal IM chatting these links appear out of nowhere!!!

Any ideas???

Use TrendMicro HouseCall Free Online Virus Scan

Plz put any related articles in comments it would help everyone


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