Site Network: Home | Email NewsLetter | Mobile Version | About is an online polling site that that lets anyone create an online talent competition. After creating a theme, the site asks users to decide how entries should be submitted (e.g. audio, video, photo) and offers an e-mail marketing tool to publicize the contest.

Contests on Bix range from rating creative undertakings like karaoke, dance, photography or writing to "Hot or Not" beauty contests, where participants judge others on looks.

This transaction will bring to the Bix community the Web's largest audience -- Yahoo! reaches ~500 million users per month on Yahoo!-branded services worldwide (1 out of every 2 internet users). This is huge folks! It means that every performer on Bix will be performing on essentially the world's largest stage with a potential audience in the hundreds of millions.

In coming months, users will be able to set up and run Bix contests on other sites such as MySpace or Facebook as well as various Yahoo sites, rather than having to go to the Bix site. &


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