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Yahoo Messenger Tricks

* Yahoo! Rooms List (see all yahoo rooms)
* Mic Locker (no need to keep pressing talk button)
* PM Answering Machine
* Y! Blue Status ( scrolls and blinks ur status)
* Message Archive Decoder (read yahoo messenger history)

*Yahoo! File Safe Scan files for trojans, and other miscreant files.

*Disable Yahoo!'s Peer To Peer Service.

*WebCam Stat
Want to check and see if a buddy is really on webcam? Use this helpfull tool.

*Y!amp M6
Put Your Winamp Song in your Messenger Status Window, Great Utility

*Deny A Buddy 3.0
Remove your ID from some one elses Buddy List! Great Utility

*YM Gold Yahoo! Messenger Polygamy Patch.

*No Ads2
Remove Yahoo!'s pesky advertisements

*YM Plus!
Great Application, Provides Short Cuts, Skin Preview/Install and more!

Yahoo messenger emotions pack Sites

these are tools for all those smileys and emotion expressing stuff

* Yemote2+

* 79 Smiley Utility MUST DOWNLOAD

* Tiglath Emotes


* Anonymous Webcam Viewer YahSee TOOL

Delete Your Yahoo Account Permanently

*Super Y! -
Centralize all those pesky PM's with this little program.

  • Centralize PM
  • Perform Quick Yahoo! Related Tasks
  • Close All Open PM's
  • Hide All Open PM's
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