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During last 6 months Microsoft and my association has been something quite intersting

I hated MS (they have a price tag to everything) but following things have made me changed i m have told this to people in real world and now bloggin it

  1. Live.COM
  2. Yahoo + MSN chat tie up
  3. Getting Vista Beta2 and RC1 DVD FREE
  4. Getting Invite to XBOX Launch
  5. Our College Senior Hitesh Sharma ( i call him Microsoft ka ladka) topping MSAPP.NET
  6. MS Event at HMR Last Month ( i have pics of event will post soon)

Why should i hate GOOGLe
  1. Cause i think they resemble mr amit Kach****
  2. they blocked my adsense account when genuine traffic just arrived
  3. ORKuT+ Google talk chat tie up
  4. they paid $1.6 to youtube which is a Copyright trouble waiting to happen
  5. ORKUT
  6. and Orkut 666 times


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