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Wi-Fi is a technology of Wireless Local area networks (WLAN) based on IEEE 802.11 specifications which is gaining lot of popularity. Wi-Fi Access Points cover around 100 meters of area and are generally termed as Hot Spots. Wi-Fi Access Points 802.11 b/g operating in 2.4 GHz unlicensed band have been permitted for indoor and outdoor usage.

MTNL had launched a Citywide Wi-Fi Public Access Service with the brand name, Wi-Fine. MTNL Wi-Fine will enable users with wifi enabled laptops and PDAs to access the internet from a number of Hot Spots across Delhi. The service has a footprint enabling a single Wi-Fi account to be used across all the hot-spots, thereby ensuring account portability, which is a major value-addition. The service combines the twin benefits of high affordability, comparable to Dial-up Internet and high browsing and download speeds, ensuring a true broadband experience at minimal cost, making it a big value-for-money proposition.

In addition to Public Access Service, MTNL also offers Bulk Wi-Fi Services for events and exhibitions providing customized end to end Wi-Fi solution. MTNL also caters to the enterprise customers for their WLAN needs. Currently MTNL provides Wi-Fi Services at Domestic Airport, Habitat Center, Pragati Maidan, Vigyan Bhavan, UPSC, Election Commission, IIPA etc.

Now all Broadband plans are also available on wireless CPE by payment of one time Non-refundable deposit of Rs.800/- with a monthly rental of Rs.150/- for Triband wireless CPE.

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