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There have been many first's from Airtel, but these days MTNL has launched quite a few new services.

The newest is the Voice SMS. It was launched on 21st February,2007.

How to use it??

Composing a message:

1. Mobile to Mobile & Landline to Mobile:

Dial 1* followed by recipient number.

2. Landline to Landline

Dial 1* followed by recipient number

3. Mobile to Landline

Dial 1* followed by recipient phone number along with STD Code i.e.011

II Retrieve new messages (For Landline & Mobile)

Dial 1*0* to listen to all new messages.

III. Retrieve old messages (for Landline & Mobile):

Dial 1*1* to listen to all old messages.

In case of Mobile customer, notification will appear that a new voice SMS message has been received from a number. In case of PSTN line, only ringing will go to the customer and on lifting the PSTN line, he will be able to hear the voice message. There are various options also available to customer like “ forwarding, deleting, reply, storing” etc. Presently this service will not be available to CDMA customers and Mobile customers in NCR town.

Note:This service is free for 2 weeks only, after that it becomes chargeable so better use it now...


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