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We have only heard of Yahoo & Google when it comes to dominating the internet. But now another search based marketing company Quigo is making big waves in the market of net advertising.

Founded in 2000, Quigo provides innovative, performance-based marketing solutions that achieve superior results for premium-branded websites and advertisers. ROI-based solutions for content-targeted advertising and search marketing form the foundation of Quigo's product offerings.

It offers a product called Ad Sonar on the lines of Google AdSense and Yahoo's content match.
AdSonar is a content-targeted, auction-based advertising network that helps premium-branded websites and their advertisers connect with customers to deliver superior results. AdSonar generates an efficient marketplace by bringing together the most relevant and high-performing content from Advertisers and Publishers.

It is already running on big sites like , &

Probably its time for top indian sites, who still use Google AdSense to look to Quigo and also for us who are earning nothing.

Quigo still remains a small player, with less than 10 percent of the contextual ad business, its growing success has apparently demanded Google to change the way it sells the sponsored link ads in the future.


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