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The motigo platform will be launched within a few weeks. It will integrate your Webstats4U account and offer you new services like forums, guestbooks and shorturls. Also, your users will not see any difference as we will display the statistics in the same way.

Motigo webstats is a new and better manager of your existing webstats account. With a brand new design and improved tools and functionalities you will be able to work with your webstats even smoother than before. All you need to do is to login to Motigo in the same way as you used to do it webstats and check it out!

The new services will include:

This service enables you to track the visitors to your website and give you the information needed to improve this. The service is very user-friendly and supplies stats that are both relevant and valuable.
Among the stats provided by Webstats are:

+ Total and daily numbers of unique visits and page views on your site
+ Your visitors’ country of origin
+ A list of the sites, links or search engines your visitors come from
+ The technical specifications of your visitors (browsers, operating systems, screen solution)
+ A comparison between your site and others (based on category, country etc.)

Motigo Forums
Motigo offers you to set up discussion forums on our platform, which means that you don’t need a website address to create one. This service encourages your visitors to interact by exchanging tips and discussing topics related to your website. These discussions and the feedback provided will help you gain a better understanding of your visitors.

Having a forum on your website will:

+ Allow you to increase traffic through repeat visitors
+ Allow your visitors to comment and interact with each other
+ Allow you to gain more creditability
+ Allow you to build a relationship with your visitors
+ Allow you to capture email address and details of posters

Motigo Guestbooks

Having a Motigo Guestbook has several benefits, since it:

+ Allows your visitors to post a public message or comment
+ Allows you to find out more about your visitors
+ Allows you to stay in contact with your visitors
+ Allows you to constantly improve your web site
+ Allows your visitors to give you their contact information


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