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After the spectator's view , here is a programmer's view of the event.....

There were 11 teams selected for the finals of Imagine Cup all working on the common lines of "using technology to improve education for all".

We had a look at the projects of 5 teams of which I really liked the concept of HIPC(Human Idea To Program Converter) by team Majestic Minds. This project generated the source code & the corresponding algorithms for the keyword we searched in different languages like C,C++,Java etc. We only wish we had such a software during our college practicals. But this wasn't on the final 3 list.
Most of the softwares were developed using .Net platform. The final 3 projects were....

It has a presentation server, a chat feature with multilingual support, a image editor, a RSS feeder for updates and a text to speech converter.

2. RECOG- Team BlueLeaf
It works on the principle that Better Education is minimum loss of Knowledge. It has different menus like Main Links, Collaborate, Library, Tools, Research, Document Processing and a context based search feature to recall what we had studied and when..

3. eduGRID- Team Gras
It aims at making education free for all. It concentrates more on self study. The whole system is supervised by a manager and has a executer also. It works on various types of grids like a messenger. It has a number of interfaces and offers a lot of web services. It has a BOT feature which is a speech based help feature.

The winners were RECOG because they had some new features like Context based search & an interactive library.

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