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On monday mozilla released it's latest version of the firefox 3.1 beta.since we all are addicted to using firefox a lot some enhanced features include:

1.Incorporates a new java script engine called 'Tracemonkey' which helps web applications to load faster.

2."Private Browsing Mode" that enables users to surf the Net without leaving a trail of URLs and histories.Moreover history can be deleted according to the time used i.e if wanted not all the history can be deleted and sum can be retained with well defined history deletion tools.

3.Browser performance is improved by a new technology called webworker threads which helps the processing of heavy websites faster than the old ones.

4.Option of displaying the desired fonts.

Google chrome has also released it's new version chrome
3 and has sum new features like the chrome v8 search engine with customized searching properties and better interfaces,the drawbacks of the chrome do overtake it's advantages as discussed earlier such as images cannot be blocked,adding plugins is a problem,some flash images and videos cannot be blocked hence not a gusd alternative for limited broadband users.


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