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USA into recession

world economy slipping

100 year old firms file for bankruptcy

Job losses at all time highest

biggest depression since 1929

All these are the news we have been hearing for the past 6 months or so or even more.The situation is such that the biggest banks of usa have become bankrupt and the epidemic(if we may call it is spreading like wildfire).As far as india is concerned the economy though quite down is still being able to hold on to respective levels.

Even in such bad times the Indian Economy has still an edge over the rest of the world's economy.Here are some of the positives to consider:

1.Inflation rates dipping day by day and as analysts predict inflation may ease upto 1% by march 2009.This means everything from vegetables to commercial commodities to consumer goods is gonna be at it's lowest(now that's a gr8 news isn't it) rates specifically car loans and home loan rates became cheaper by more the 1 %.

3.Rates of cars and other automobiles have dropped a significant amount(so if u plan to buy a car sumday this is the best time to)

4.similarly reduction in home loan rates along with reduction in actual amount for purchasing homes and plots indicates that it is the best time to get a newly furnished dream house for urselfs.

5.With RBI taking innovative measures and decreasing repo rates every now and then and also with the government introducing the stimulus package in phases, all this spells gud times for the indian economy.

6.Petrol and diesel prices have dipped a significant amount and further reduction expected.

and with all this the GDP growth of indian economy is above 7% most of the time.then wats the worry.

so guys this is the best time to live smartly rather than getting over this psyche of economic recession.
go out shopping then ................


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