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It’s been a quite long when everyone switched from various other mail accounts to Gmail not because it belongs to the GOOGLE family. We always had good reasons to support, may it be different interfaces like standard, HTML, Mobile or Text or may it be the first of its kind with huge amount of space for free and others features like chat, filters, labeling of mails and also one account to use so many applications.

Even after so long we still have to track other accounts as well but Googlers have found a solution to this also…

Now one can track his other email accounts like Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, etc. by using the one single Gmail account.

To start with this one needs to go to “Gmail Settings” and then to “Accounts and Imports” tab. Remember if u have an old Gmail account this feature may not available for u now but it is there for new accounts, Google will soon be upgrading the old accounts.

In the meanwhile if you are so eager to use this service then create a new Google account and use this feature and again redirect all the mails to your old existing account…


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