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IE6 was released 10 years ago. The web has changed a lot since then. That is why Microsoft has started ie6 coundown -
a website to track downfall in usage of IE6 from 12% in Feb 2011 till the time it goes under 1 % worldwide. There have been movements to kill IE6 like the but this time Microsoft itself is doing it. Ofcourse no company wants to celebrate the death of their own product but Microsoft has reasons to do so. IE 6 is an old browser that lacks features and not only a security threat to users but also a pain for web developers as it demands their effort to support their website on IE6. I remember me and my colleagues having a tought time with look and feel in IE6 while developing a portal for Telstra in Bangalore during 2008.

From user prespective, most IE6 users are those who had it preloaded with their OS ( Windows XP in this case). Such users who dont even know how to upgrade their browsers and are using such an out-dated browser run into high risk of being attacked by hackers exploring IE6 security vulnerabilities. Ofcourse some of the IE6 users, who I know(reaad my cousins/uncles/aunts) , have switched to Firefox (which releases firefox 4 soon) or Google Chrome, the browser that advertises in Indian newspapers and even has an hoarding on the dwarka gurgaon road, solely because Gmail and Orkut show some warning to IE6 users and Facebook Chat does not work on IE6. But still the stale IE 6 remains on their machines which is used for accessing some desi sites that run only on IE (eg: ).

Lets try to educate others and wipe out ( read upgrade ; remember desi sites) IE6 from computers of such people close to us because even such naive netizens would agree no one drinks milk that is more than 9 years old :) of course the guys in IT Dept of my company would differ on that :(


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