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Not only these seats but few minds were empty too like mine & dk's.

Held at APS, Dhaula Kuan. 2nd March 2008 1-5 pm.
About 250 teams(of 2 each) attended the prelims.

Prelim had 20 questions.
1. Confectionery Brand named after Malegaon Nasik Factory.
2. A Newspaper is named after this place of new york & its not a street.
3. Logo-Pic Question
4. Mehnga singh of Beat All Sports is famous for?
5. Some medicinal brand question
6. A motorcycle formed in 1964 whose name features in song Little _______?
7. Pic of a advertising campaign.
8. Stanford Academy devised computing peripheral in 1968?
9. Famous 3 words phrase that revolutionized Transportation industry?
10. Kiwi Shoe polish in India works with which brand??
11. Logo-Pic question.
12. Who gave 14 famous principles of Business Administration?
13. Famous nintendo game named after Mr. Seagle who had overdue rent?
14. Owner of Barmer Larie?
15. Pic Question
16. MD of labour india publications?
17. chaudhary raghuvendra founded this co. & now is managed by his son in law?
18. audio clip of movie SUNDAY named the distributor?
19. audio of a famous soap Brand?
20. video ad- tell the product?

1. Ravelgon 2. Times Square 3. Apolo Hospitals. 4. Bats 5. Pond's Cold Cream 6.Honda 7. Kawasaki 8.Mouse 9.We try harder 10.TTK group 11.Goodyear 12.Henry Fayol 13.mario 14.govt. of india 15.american tourism 16.Santosh George Kulangara 17.DLF 18.Eros 19.Liril 20.Happy Dent

Only water, coffee & biscuits were served that too for 15 mins each.
We only got 3 ans. right
After the prelims , 4 teams got thru straight to regional finals, 2 more wild card rounds were held to decide the remaining 2 teams fr regional finals.
In the regional final between 6 teams there were 5 rounds:
1. Cryptic- a Crossword
2. Tata world- regarding tata group
3. Domain
4. Lateral
5. Nano Games
"In the End" it does mattered that one team won, the team from IMT Ghaziabad.
Also see 1 2 3


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